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Hello, My name is Chase Oliver and I am running to be the next United States Senator representing the people of Georgia. I want to be a Senator that serves each and every individual, and not a political machine based in Washington DC. I want to represent you and not special interests which thrive on division, gridlock and partisan fighting. I would rather work for results. I want to see all sides come together to make it easier to start a new business by reducing the red tape and complexity and tax burdens on small businesses. I want to work on fixing our broken immigration system so we continue our nation’s legacy of being a beacon of liberty to the world. I want to fight for Justice reforms that protect all of our rights and put people on equal footing with the government in our courts. Most importantly I want to serve the people of Georgia, work to overcome partisan gridlock, and get to work on the pressing issues that affect all of us in the Peach State.

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